Programming is my profession, programming in the hammers and the nails in which I have for over 8 years of constructed software applications for my clients and the companies I have worked for. I believe as every one’s believe that the greatest gift is the gift of learning and that, that gift is not complete until it’s passed on.

My dream therefore is to share with you what I have learnt about programming; otherwise I fear that all that knowledge, the pain, the self-doubt, the fear, the failures I have experienced in learning how to make a piece of software will be wasted.

Programming is affirmation of our being; it’s the principle functionality of human lives. I am not talking about programming a software program but programming in general. Without programming the species would perish, we must program to help, to warn, to lead, to love to create, to learn, to enjoy our life, to be.

The art of programming is the art of living we program because we must, because life demands on it, because at last life itself is but a one big program. Programming is indeed an art, there is a technique to it a mindset, but every one every breathing person can make a program in the kitchen, in the bedroom, at work, anywhere.

We program ourselves to wake-up early every morning at 6:00 AM to go to work or to school. Off course with the help of another program called “Alarm” because we can’t as human beings maintain a wake-up time of 6:00 AM on our own every day, we can’t notify ourselves with the current time while we are sleeping GOD did not create us with such ability and so we created, designed, programmed a tool to help us wake-up at any time we want.

I believe that GOD created us with limited physic abilities, we can’t fly like a bird but we can create a program called “Plane” to help us fly over contents we even exceeded birds abilities now we can go to another planet with a program called “Rocket”. We can’t run very fast but we can create a “Car” to help us go to our destinations faster and so GOD created us with very powerful minds to help us overcome any obstacle that face us in our lives.

You for example, you are nothing but a program with your mind as the engine or the domain model as we call it in software development and your body is merely an interface of your mind’s actions. We don’t expect a crazy person to act normally with his body; it will appear in his walking or talking ways that there is something wrong with his mind.

I said that your body is the interface because people interact with you through your body not your mind. Even you, interact with yourself the same way others interact with you. When you want to move one of your arms your mind (The core engine) sends signals (Messages) to your selected arm and then you see that your arm has moved. If you haven’t seen any changes in your arm position this means either you have something wrong with your nerves, your mind or you don’t possess an arm in the first place. The same thing can be told about software programs, when you click on a button let’s say its says “Send E-Mail” you expect the button to send your email if it didn’t then an error occur.

Since the time we were born our parents, teachers are trying to program us to function the way they tell us. They want us to follow their rules, ethics, morals and religion. Even some people support the same football team as their parents. That’s why I said that life is nothing but a big program you can consider it as an operating system and we humans, animals, trees, the wind and sun are entities to complete its functionality until life stops which is in computer world called “Shutdown”.

In this blog I will talk about programming in general as I said earlier but I will also try to demonstrate the benefit that will come from learning a programming language like C++ through a set of articles and tutorials to teach you some of the techniques I use as a software programmer.

I hope that you enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoyed writing it, and please do not hesitate to make any comments.

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